The Clear Transmissions Process involves:

  • Releasing of energy blocks – such as fears, anxieties, stress, worries, doubts, pain
  • Balance the whole system – Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Spiritually
  • Ground your energy for strength, stability, peace and clarity
  • Retrieve and reconnect you to Spirit for embodiment of love, peace and harmony
  • Awakening to your true hearts fullest potential path and higher purpose
  • Alignment to the new time crystal energy grid

To increasingly provide you with…

  • Entrance into your own Self-Healing Abilities and Self-Empowerment
  • Greater feelings of Confidence, Clarity and Freedom
  • An Expansion of Consciousness, Awareness and Presence
  • The key to unlocking your Unlimited Potential
  • A Deepening of your Natural Connection with the Source of Joy, Peace, and Love
  • The Motivation, Magnetism and Passion to fulfil all your True Heart’s Desires

For greater health, awareness and manifest potential completely outside the realm of known experience.

GLOBAL DNA ACTIVATION11 Transform your Energy, Transform your Life!

The energy field reflects the state of our minds, bodies, and hearts which always shows total of the energies which constitute our beings. This shows the absolute truth of our inner state. By becoming fine tuned, purifying and raising the aura’s vibration, this electromagnetic field will expand and become increasingly magnetic, attracting our hearts truest desires.

The majority of adults have a damaged energetic template which causes them to be more open to energy loss, taking on other people’s energy and interference from unhealthy energy patterns.

This may result in feelings of fatigue, depression, anger, stress, overwhelm, frustration etc most of which is not due to personal energy. This along with certain circumstances, such as traumas can create breaches the natural etheric defence system of the energy field.

The loss of energy to objects, people and ideas in the process of life is also caused by holes and tears, attachments, entities, and misalignments in the energy field which hinders the path of growth and personal development. This attracts unwanted energy and can cause energy to leak resulting in a lack of energy, emotional issues and an increase in illness.

The Clear Transmission’s process involves a clearing and restructuring of your energetic body. This allows unhealthy attachments and physical ailments to be addressed at their root cause. The medical or psychological approach, while valuable, attempts to fix physical, mental, and emotional issues through their symptoms rather than their causes. Many people have had the experience of struggling with limited success over long years against physical dis-ease or psychological patterns which persist stubbornly or return chronically. The beauty of the Clear Transmission’s approach is that it clears the underlying layers of energy and disconnections from spirit, enabling our efforts towards health to enjoy the fullest benefits.

Claire’s Role…

is to assist others to step into their own self healing empowerment. Claire serves intuitively as a clear channel to Claire-with-white-backgroundrestore individuals back to health, wholeness and equilibrium. Her aim is to increase their connection to Spirit within, to bring freedom, clarity and awakening, sharing light so that all can access their keys to healing, awareness and inner knowing.

Claire Costello has been working as a planetary ‘light-player’, Healer and Teacher for years, clearing, inspiring and healing whilst connecting with Sprit on the deepest levels.To date, She has been a successful channel in healing ‘incurable’ physical conditions, facilitating emotional release and mental breakthrough.

She has learnt from years of experience through her surrender to Divine will as a vessel of Spirit, the Clear Transmissions are here to assist humanity in the transition from the old fear based paradigm to the new paradigm of global awakening for greater harmony, love and heaven on earth.

“My purpose calls me to inspire and guide others to live from the depths of their true 10959596_10155224512570694_803208779307374616_nessence.

I am living my dreams in everyway, more coming true everyday, travelling to all of the most magnificent places on the earth, assisting humanity in this extraordinary awakening that is being birthed – simply by BEing – Clear.

Through surrender, trust and following the passion, joy, and clear guidance of our intuitive heart’s desires each of us can realise our unlimited potential and create the life of our dreams over filled with love, peace, health, bliss and abunDANCE ????

I am guided to help those I encounter to see the beauty, passion, and exquisite light that is the eternal Source energy and the true nature of our beings. 

“Every time I have provided this service, I have been blessed to see the depths to which each client’s life is transformed. Again and again, I have seen remarkable shifts happen in the lives of those I have touched, healing on the deepest levels, increased clarity of purpose, and an expansion of consciousness which is remarkable to behold.”

– Claire Costello from Clear Transmissions

Clear Transmissions

The 3 Transmissions

The process of healing is an act of receptivity. All that you need to do during each session is to let go, relax and allow the pure frequencies to flow through you, releasing that which is no longer serving you. It can bring one into an altered state of conciousness, allowing clearing, balancing and alignment to all layers of self.

During the sessions, memories, images, emotions, pains and ideas may arise. Or you may go on such a deep inner journey and fall asleep. No two journeys are like. What comes up for you is what you need to release and to experience at this point in your journey.

All that is necessary during the session is to allow any impressions to rise and flow through you. Blocked emotions are released, unhealthy habits and patterns become loosened, and you are brought to a clearer understanding of the actions necessary for the way forward.

“What I integrated in the healing with Claire is something I still carry with me till this day on. I never met such a powerful and effective energy healer.”

–Djai, Founder of ‘Next level Tzolkin’, Teacher and Healer

Session 1

This session involves an in-depth clearing of the old energetic template. This includes Energy Blockages, Chakras, Organs, Body Systems, Attachments,Past life connections, Ancestral Cords, Contracts, Vows and Agreements, Entities, Etheric Implants, Fear Grid Systems

Session 2

Once the old energy field structure is cleared, a New energetic template is created for Self-Balancing, Self-grounding, Alignment & Connection to the New Earth Crystalline and Heart Grid

Session 3

To conclude, this session activates the field. Dormant, hidden and past gifts, abilities and wisdom are awaked through DNA and Light Code activation and your unique Spirit Retrieval back to wholeness for physical integration.

“Wow, wow, wow!!!! I absolutely loved it and it was exactly what I needed right now. It felt like this comforting fire glowing inside me and I knew, without a doubt, that I was in alignment with my path.. Everything that I have been through, the lessons I learned, relationships made, etc., was validated with this energy…it felt like I have been given a “reward” of some type. It was just so comforting…it guided me to be a bit more disciplined but other than that I felt a strong confidence and wise love soaring in my spirit. Great gratitude is pouring from me right now to you Claire….thank you so much for this. It has brought me to a new level of self-love and worth. I understand clearly now why I have had the experiences I have had in the last few months…How beautiful Claire…..I love you so much for this…..thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kristi, Germany

This remote group session is equally effective as personal one on one sessions.

Watch the video below for an explanation of our experiment when using state of the art energy field imaging to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Clear Transmissions that is conducted for many people at once, across the world and received past, present and future!

Go to to see the after effects!

For a deeper understanding, in-depth knowledge and to see what others have experienced, I highly recommend you to go toFAQ, More Information & Testimonials.

Before Registering

This is a Deep and Powerful Cleansing Process, only for those ready for the Next Level in Evolution, to surrender to a journey of their Fullest Potential and walk the path of Personal Truth. I strongly advise to read the FAQs before making your decision, to make sure you have Integration Time following the transmission and to use the Clear Tools for maintenance of your New Paradigm Energy Field.


The Unity Codes and 111Hz by Ashera Hart

unity codes
The Unity Codes is the sound healing audio you can listen to in the background during your Clear Transmission if you would like. This is recommended since it will deeply support & enhance your Clear Transmission.
This sound healing audio features the Zobet (solfeggio) frequencies using specially-tuned, alchemically-created tuning forks and gentle ocean waves to help you connect with your breathing. These frequencies are ascension codes that speak to the divine blueprint of our bodies, brain, bones etc. They activate at a DNA level and are potent tools to use ongoing as part of your ascension process.
Please make sure you have had at least one glass of water before listening, as the vibrational shift may make you thirsty otherwise. This also helps support any rebalancing effects. In addition, to the Clear Transmission, you may also feel energetic shifts in your body whilst listening to these frequencies. They have their own divine intelligence and will travel to the places, and/or blockages that you are ready to move through and beyond! All that is required is to deepen your breath to allow the energy to move!
Each pair of frequencies you will hear has a difference of 111Hz between two tuning forks (e.g. 147Hz and 258Hz).
111Hz uplifts, rebalances, unifies and tunes us into our body, mind and soul more deeply. It also helps align us with the Earth and all of the Universe. Found in ancient ceremonial sound chambers used for accessing shamanic trance states to give our ancestors the ability to more deeply tune in and now used widely in the medical world today for stress relief, insomnia, pain relief, relaxation, improving memory, learning disorders, mental clarity, self-esteem, energising, centring, calming, creating positive change & overall wellbeing. It’s also used in heroin addiction e.g. Pete Townshend from The Who broke his addiction to heroin using this frequency in 1983. Research by UCLA in 2008, showed that it turns on the part of the brain that relates to empathy so can be very helpful for creating more harmonious relationships. The UCLA research also showed it can help schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism and ADHD.As they embody the divine blueprint, this audio can be used to shift energy anywhere, anytime or to create sacred space, energise food, water. Great before giving sessions or holding workshops yourself. They are like having your own personal sound healing practitioner on call whenever you need! To find out more and get the benefits of 111Hz for yourself today, simply go to, download, import into iTunes, sync your phone, get your headphones on, lie back, close your eyes, breathe deeply, tune in, bliss out and enjoy! 20 minute, 40 minute and 1 hour lengths available.