Claire offer’s a wide variety of services world-wide…

“If you are looking for deep healing and spiritual growth – Claire is one of the best I have ever met. The Rolls Royce.”

Karin Tydén – Sweeden


Claire Costello has been travelling and working as a planetary grid-worker, holistic healer, mentor, intuitive, and teacher/inSPIRITer, world dancer, dream creator  for 7 years, clearing, healing and connecting with Spirit on the deepest levels.

To date, she has been a successful channel in healing physical conditions, facilitating emotional release and mental breakthrough.

Claire works intuitively as a clear channel to restore individuals back to health, wholeness and equilibrium. Her aim is to increase their connection to Spirit within, to bring freedom, empowerment and awakening, sharing light so that all can access their keys to healing, awareness and inner knowing. 

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Sessions are tailored to each individual persons needs, working on an Energetic, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional level to assist others in their Healing, Awakening and Living their Hearts Truest Calling, to BE & Feel increasingly:-

Clear on your life path

Peace in mind

Healthy in your physical body

Reconnected with your spirit

Transmissions are received through long-distance/remote healing (See FAQs) using Skype, Phone or Email or in person to provide you with improved Health, Clarity and Harmony.

Recommended – Ongoing Regular sessions/follow ups for continued multi-layered support on your accelerated awakening path of truth.

Working with Claire has changed my life dramatically. After my one-on-one session with her, I felt an immediate, palpable change in my entire being. I now feel completely connected to the divine and supported in every way. It’s a knowing that’s hard to describe, but it’s there, in my heart. Where I once felt stuck, I know feel more freedom and completely optimistic about my own personal path and growth. As a healer, Claire’s personality is that of pure light and warmth. She offers gentle guidance and consistent support during and after the session. She is my sister for life and I will always be grateful for her gifts. Thank you, Claire.  

Spira Politis – Massachusetts US, Art & YogaTeacher, Reiki Healer

For a deeper understanding, in-depth knowledge and to see what others have experienced, I highly recommend you to go to – FAQ, More Information & Testimonials.

“I’m not usually into ‘OMG Wow!’ type reviews but… OMG! Wow! I have had Skype sessions with Claire to help with general life direction and clarity of being and purpose. I knew from Claire’s website that she comes from a place of light and joy and that this is what I needed. With the combination of Claire’s gentle guidance and her natural and genuine sense of caring, our sessions have been transformative and quite epiphanous. It is perhaps the energy work that has amazed me the most. I’m not the most energetically sensitive of people but at the start of the energy work in the first session, I could really feel something going on around me! The proof of the pudding, of course, is how you feel after and this has been nothing short of fantastic. I have felt so much more centred, present and more genuinely ‘me’ somehow; a lot lighter and freer with greater positivity and purpose. I just know that stuff has genuinely shifted inside and I can’t thank Claire enough for this.

If you feel like that you need change or help with your life, I don’t recommend that you have a session with Claire – I urge you to!”

– James Hughes, U.K


“Claire changed my life. Her sessions were so deeply powerful and created much needed lasting shifts in me. Her deep interactive listening whilst clearing energy paths has set me on a new course in life where I become ever more in tune with my own inner truth and direction. Her clear transmissions energy work is unparalleled and ACTUALLY WORKS. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone… just anyone. Expect an authentic, heart open, honoured space where you will feel seen, heard and healed..”

Alice Bird , Award Winning Actress & Producer, London

Clear Energetics

Align with your true heart/spirit/mind/bodies requirements at this time, which can involve: –

  • The release of energy blocks, fears, anxieties, stress, worries, doubts, pain, traumas etc
  • Heal & Balance – Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Spiritually
  • Ground your energy for strength, stability, peace and clarity
  • Retrieve and reconnect you to Spirit for embodiment of love, peace and harmony
  • Awakening and Attunment to your true hearts fullest potential path and higher purpose
  • Alignment to the new time crystal energy grid
  • Activation of Dna, Light Code & Light Body 

Cleansing the root causes to assist in your Own Self-Empowered Healing:.

Clear Transmissions

This is Next Level – Literally. Must be prepared with lots of Integration time and space after (months). Results = Transcendence of the old fear paradigm! 

An energy field upgrade, creating a ‘clean slate’ (clearing all of the above- Clear Energetics), grounding, balancing & installing a new template aligned with the new crystalline grid and frequencies…

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Clear Reading

Come with your intentions :-

  • Spirit Guidance for your Divine Will Path of the Heart…
  • Purpose, Relationships, Health etc….

for Clarity of what is blocking your Clear Creations:-

  • Current condition of energy field –Chakras, Karma, ‘Past’ Life Connections, Contracts,Cords, Attachments, Entities, Organs, Meridians…
  • Imbalances – Masculine/Feminine, Elements, Energies, Organs…
  • Issues, patterns, blocks, habits, wounds..

which are Cleared/Transformed/Balanced/Aligned/Grounded throughout the Session

Clear Coaching

Coaching about any issues, patterns, blocks, habits, wounds, traumas, fears, limitations, anything holding you back…

which are Cleared throughout as deep core root causes are identified, understood and released for you to move FORWARDS and BE EMPOWERD  on a path of your truest potential.

Clear Space

Clearing of any required environment – home, office, outdoors…

Opening & activation of portals, linking of ley lines & crystalline grid..


Clear Tools

Simple free techniques for you to remain Clear, Balanced, Grounded, Aligned and Activated within your own energy field.

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You can also :

Join Claire’s Clear Tools Transmissions on a Tuesday

Book in and receive a tailored plan suited to your individual needs

Other Services

Workshops, courses, webinars and future retreats to assist you in releasing old blocks, fears and limitations, so that you can be free and empowered in creating the life of your dreams.

  • Clear Creations
  • Women’s Empowerment Groups
  • Co-facilitation in dance, healing, breath work and sound healing
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