Clear Transmissions is a Key to Unlocking your True Potential…

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 Aligning to the Crystalline Grid World-Wide


You can Receive Clear Transmissions through Private 1-1 Sessions online or in person, Group sessions, Workshops, Retreats and Festivals around the world . 

“Claire Costello is one of the most gifted healers on our planet.”

— Andrew Golightly from Go For Self

For a deeper understanding, in-depth knowledge and to see what others have experienced, I highly recommend you to go to – FAQ, More Information & Testimonials.

Claire offers a wide variety of services that will provide you with…

  • Clarity and Alignment with your Unique Path, Passions and True Hearts Calling
  • An awakening of your deepest gifts and abilities
  • The key to tapping into your unlimited potential
  • Entrance into your own healing abilities and self-mastery
  • An increased capacity to Live your Truth, moment by moment, Internally Guided by your Spirit
  • Greater feelings of Empowerment, Confidence and Freedom
  • An Expansion of Consciousness, Increasing your Intuition, Awareness & Spiritual Connection
  • A Deepening of your Natural Connection with the Source of Joy, Peace, and Love

Founder & Channel of Clear Transmissions, Claire dances around the world as an energy worker, empowerment healer, coach, teacher, retreat & workshop facilitator and dream creator. She passionately shares inspiration to empower others in their healing, awakening and inner knowing.

Before Registering

This is a Deep and Powerful Cleansing Process, only for those ready for the Next Level in Evolution, to surrender to a journey of their Fullest Potential and walk the path of Personal Truth. I strongly advise to read the FAQs before making your decision, to make sure you have Integration Time following the transmission and to use the Clear Tools for maintenance of your New Paradigm Energy Field.

“Embody, Express & Shine your Soul; Create your Life as a Unique Art from your Heart!”

Claire dances her unique rhythm around the world, providing Clear Transmissions to 1-1s, groups, workshops, retreats and festivals. She passionately guides and inspires those ready to live authentically free, healthy and empowered, creating and co-creating their destined ideal reality.

Claire is the Coach, Teacher & Energy Worker for you if:


Clear Transmissions is a deep life changing process for you to feel:

Clear on your life path,
Peace in mind,
Healthy in your physical body,
Reconnected with your self, spirit and relationships,
Access deeper levels of intuition, self-healing and personal gifts,
and Be in-tune with your true essence.

WOMEN: Unleash the Wild Woman Within & Embody your True Femininine Essence!

 Book in a 30 minute free Clarity session with me 

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1-1 Personal Sessions

Holistic Healings, Clearings, Readings and Teachings tailored to your Individual Needs

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Group Transmissions

Upgrade, Transform and Accelerate Ascension to live your Hearts Desires

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FREE Clear Tools

Self-healing, Clear, Balance, Ground and Align to your Highest Truth

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For a deeper understanding, in-depth knowledge and to see what others have experienced, go to :- FAQMore Information & Testimonials.